Purposeful Engagements

What are Purposeful Engagements?

Purposeful Engagements are a way for Mission Health System's Department of Philanthropy to not only educate about the current programs within the Health System but to also invite leaders to connect and contribute to their local hospitals. Purposeful Engagements range from Stewardship Events to Fund-a-Need Auctions whereby the financial requirements of each program is carefully approved by both system and program leadership.

These engagements feature educational, detailed information about the life-saving programs offered through Mission Health System and the individuals impacted by these programs. Purposeful Engagements are the first step in stewardship and cultivation. We are so grateful for your willingness to participate. 

By coming together, the community is able to thoughtfully and strategically commit to the investment that will move toward the most sustainable and highest quality healthcare for the 879,000 individuals in western North Carolina.

For more information about Purposeful Engagements, please contact Katie Dennehy.

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Kiki Koufaliotis

Mission Health Department of Philanthropy

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